Visit The Waugh Drive Bat Colony

Waugh Drive Bat

The Waugh Drive Bat Colony is one of the coolest sights to see in all of Houston. A colony of Mexican free-tailed bats calls the Waugh Drive Bridge home all year long. After they spend the day sleeping under the bridge, they emerge at night to find some food. That’s when people from all over head to Buffalo Bayou Park, where they can stand on the observation deck and look out at the bats.

This is an amazing sight to behold, and one that almost disappeared after Hurricane Harvey.

The Hurricane and the Bat Colony

There was a time when you could go to the Waugh Drive Bat Colony and watch more than 300,000 bats search for food. Then, Hurricane Harvey happened. The hurricane wasn’t just devasting to families and businesses; it also impacted the bats. At first, the colony was practically dormant after the hurricane. Only about half of the bats remained, and the nightly search for food wasn’t nearly as exciting as it once one.

Fortunately, that has changed.

Houston has shown its resiliency in the face of Hurricane Harvey, and the bats are part of the city. They are also a resilient group; their numbers are growing once again. Some of them fled the area after the hurricane, but they have come back and are back to their old tricks, putting on their nightly shows for onlookers.

As the numbers grow stronger, you can’t help but marvel at the power of nature. Wildlife has a way of fighting back and beating the odds.

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Viewing the Bats

There are a few things you should keep in mind when viewing the bats. Remember, bats love the dark. If you take out your flashlight, you’ll just scare them away. Let them operate in the darkness so they can give you the best show possible. Plus, they need the cover of darkness to get their food.

You also need to keep your voice down. If you talk too loudly, you’ll scare the bats and they’ll go back under the bridge.

Also, avoid the entrance of the bridge. It is best to stand on the observation deck, but if you do go all the way to the bridge, do not stand near the opening or underneath it.

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