Visit These Houston Murals

Houston Murals

It’s no secret that many an artist calls Houston home. Some of these artists display their works in the countless galleries, while others take to the streets. These artists create gorgeous murals that bring the city to life. Check out these Houston murals the next time you’re out and about, and don’t forget to bring your camera. These works of art would look great on your social media accounts.

Greetings from Houston

Nothing is more iconic than the Greetings from Houston mural that’s located in The Heights. Created by artist Daniel Anguilu, this mural is almost like a postcard from the 1970s. It includes countless iconic Houston images, such as a rocket ship, an oil derrick, and a cactus. Guess what the cactus is holding? A Texas flag, of course. This mural is like a Texas history book, only instead of words, it uses art.

Houston is Inspired

The Houston is Inspired mural is located downtown, and it’s easily one of the most-popular murals in the city. GONZO247 created it in 2013 as part of a campaign by the same name. The vibrant colors will draw you in, and then you will notice the message: Houston is hip, tasty, funky, and savvy, just as the words on the mural say.

When you visit this mural, you will get a two-for-one. First, you get to enjoy art, and then you will get to enjoy some tasty food. That’s because the mural is located outside of Treebeards, and you can actually smell the gumbo while viewing the art. Follow that smell and dive into the best gumbo of your life.

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The Altuve that Could

Houstonians love their Astros, especially after last year’s World Series win. The city has so much love for the team that it made sense when FM Kitchen and Bar teamed up with Donkee Boy to create a special Astros mural. FM Kitchen and Bar is home to “The Altuve that Could” mural. This cool mural features Jose Altuve. The second baseman might only be 5’6, but he’s a powerful presence on the baseball field, and the mural celebrates that. Check out the mural and then grab a bite to eat.

These murals are proof that you don’t have to step inside a gallery or museum to see amazing art. Art is located right on the streets of the city, so hop in your vehicle and check it out. If your vehicle isn’t up to the task, stop by Hub Mitsubishi Katy in Houston, Texas, first. Pick out a new vehicle and then get ready to explore Houston in style. You will love touring the city in your Mitsubishi just as much as you enjoy seeing all the beautiful art.