Unique Things To Do In Houston


Do you keep doing the same things around Houston? You visit the same attractions over and over again, and now, you’re getting bored. Make things more interesting by visiting some unique attractions in the city.

National Museum of Funeral History

It doesn’t get much more unique than the National Museum of Funeral History. This museum has a huge selection of funeral service items, and everything is incredibly interesting. The collection of hearses from the 1800s and 1900s is quite impressive. You can also learn about the techniques morticians have used throughout the years. This is a one-of-a-kind museum, and it’s great for families. It might be hard to believe, but it really isn’t creepy. It’s just interesting. Of course, if you have really small children, you might want to wait until they get a bit older before taking them.

Art Car Museum

Is that a work of art or a car? If you’re at the Art Car Museum, it’s both. You won’t be able to believe what the artists manage to come up with when working with cars. The museum is free to enter, so stop by and see it in person. Oh, and bring your camera. These pieces are meant to be photographed.

The Health Museum

The Health Museum is unlike anything else. This interactive museum will teach you so much about the human body, and you will even get to see how healthy you are. Walk through the Amazing Body Pavilion to learn how the body works, and then hop on a bicycle to see how hard your heart has to work when you exercise. This is just a glimpse at what this unique place offers.

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Beer Can House

Having aluminum siding on your house isn’t anything unique. Having aluminum siding made out of beer cans is, though. That’s what you’ll find at the Beer Can House. The entire house is covered in an estimated 50,000 beer cans. It took 18 years for the owner to completely cover the home in beer cans, and the end result is quite impressive. It actually reduced his family’s energy bills, and it makes a cool singing sound when the wind blows. This is now considered a monument to recycling. Check it out in person. Then, decide if you want to recycle your cans this way or if you prefer to go the traditional route.

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