Watch The Texans This Season At A Local Sports Bar

Sports Bar

The NFL is finally back which means it’s time to cheer on your Texans! Where are you going to watch the games? Are you going to watch them at home all by yourself, or are you going to go to a sports bar? When you go to a local sports bar, you don’t just get to see the game. You also get all the food and drinks you want. That makes football season more fun.

Not sure where to go? Try these places.

Little Woodrow’s

Little Woodrow’s is one of the most popular spots to watch a game. It draws in a huge crowd, but there is a ton of seating available, so that’s not a problem. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed, and everyone is there to have a good time. There are plenty of TVs, and you can go out to the patio to get some air at halftime. As an added bonus, there are always lots of food trucks right outside the bar.

Sammy’s Sports Grill

Sammy’s Sports Grill is the perfect spot for Texans fans. First, the bar is covered in TVs. There are so many TVs that you can barely see the walls. Those TVs are always tuned to the best games. Also, Sammy’s has excellent wings. You know wings and football go together, so this is important. Those wings will come out quickly because the service is so good. It even has a dog-friendly patio. What’s not to love?

Stars Sports Bar and Grill

Stars Sports Bar is also a great neighborhood spot for catching the game. The TVs are perfectly placed so you won’t miss a play, and the food is great. You have to try this spot during crawfish season if you want to enjoy a great meal. Also, Stars Sports Bar and Grill has real bartenders. Sure, you can get a standard brew, but you can also get a mixed drink, and it’ll be correctly made. That’s hard to find at a sports bar.

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Bourbon Street Sports Bar

The drinks come fast, the food is good, and there are ample TVs that always have the big games on. That makes the Bourbon Street Sports Bar the perfect spot to watch the Texans play. The people here are really friendly too, so you might walk away with a few new friends.

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